Monday, November 27, 2017

PSA No Vape

No Vape PSA from Kapaa Warriors MEDIA on Vimeo.

The point of creating these short PSA (public service announcement) video's is to take a message you think the public needs to hear or be aware about and you upload it to the internet where anyone can view it. Just a 30 second video about an issue we are all facing can inform the viewer about the issue, what they can do to help, and how concerning the issue really is. Our PSA my team chose to present is No Vape. This issue mostly affects teenagers as vapes are very easy to get and they seem harmless when in reality they are dangerous to your health. We need to take action on this issue before vapes gain too much popularity and availability and our species is hit with a cloudy extinction. We need to conduct long term tests on vape subjects to see if it is healthy for our species and our planet to be vaping as much as we do.

Our Public Service Announcement video will be submitted to the 2018 youth Xchange Student video competition. This competition gives kids from any school in Hawaii to share and speak out about an issue that brings up concerns for the community or the world. The video is a 30 second clip with a voiceover, it is mandatory that all entries focus on an issue that effects the state, world, and community. The grand prize winner of the competition will receive a scholarship worth 10,000. This will give teens who don't have enough confidence some motivation to produce better quality work. This competition is a way for everybody to see how the teenagers of their community feel about issue's concerning the public.

Our video was very basic, we only could use 30 seconds of footage so we whipped out a rough cut of our video very fast. It was all the small things we did to the editing making the video much better. It is crazy how much time can go into making a 30 second clip, with 10,000 dollars as the prize it is better to take your time than rush it. We did a redo on mason's voiceover after we realized a few errors the next day and it improved the whole video greatly.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Photo Challenge

Photo Challenges

Photo challenges give photographers a challenge to capture different subjects and angles of photos, to capture a message. Usually the message is one word or short phrase. This gives photographers one whole day to prepare a photo, about a simple message.
My personal photography skills have increased since I began the 15 day challenge, I have learned how to capture with rules of thirds much better, and feel more confortable using a camera. Also I now look for messages when taking photos which can bring a whole new perspective of the photo.

ALD 4.1 Evaluate diverse processes of forming and conveying a targeted message.
ALD 4.2 Compare and contrast how various audiences perceive digital media to anticipate desired reactions and responses.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Digital Manipulation


Surrealism, a genre of art that began in the early 1920's is a big part of our world today. Everywhere you look you see some form of surrealism art, for example most of the children's cartoons are made up of surrealistic artwork. I got very interested in this form of art and wanted to create some of my own digitally, with photos I took. For our class project we had to create 3 separate photos using the surrealism concept, The first would be made up of 2 images, the second photo would be made up of 3 images, and the 3rd photo would be made up of 4 images. I currently own a 1999 Lexus ES300, and I am in love with it so I knew I needed to include it in my surrealism photos. We each had to go in front of the class to present our different collage ideas, at first I wanted one picture of my car edited on-top of a rooftop, the message of this photo was to go where you think not possible. For my second collage, I wanted to have a picture of an empty painting canvas, edit a photo of a sunset onto the canvas creating the perspective that I painted that beautiful sunset, and I wanted a cool view of mountains or jungle on the outside of the canvas, giving the perspective that I painted a cool sunset in a cool forest. For my 3rd concept I wanted to make an image of me surfing from the sand, with a sick truck edited onto the sand, with a cool sunset for the background. The picture of me surfing would be enlarged to make more surreal so you would be able to see the surfing much closer and clearer. Some of these ideas went to waste due to me not having good enough photos of these examples. My strongest collage I made was the one of the Kokee view with a piece of paper and my hand with a pen in it, on the piece of paper I edited a photo of my friend Bronze's Mercedes. There was no specific message to this collage, it just ended up looking really cool, and Bronze was stoked when I showed him.

Designers, need to be able to determine whether to use RGB or CMYK colors. RGB colors include red, blue, and green, CMYK colors include cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. RGB colors are are also known as addictive colors. For computer monitors, you want to use RGB colors. For printed projects, you will usually need use CMYK colors. Lossless files reproduce exactly what you had on a CD with ought loss of  audio quality. Dithering is the process of using two colors to simulate the shade of a third color, It places dots in particular patterns or at random. Photoshop provides many ways for dithering, and it also may avoid dithering altogether, depending on the image you are editing.

Finally, how does the relationship between technology and productivity impact digital media? Imagine creating surrealist images without computers, digital cameras or photoshop... How would you do it? How might the end result differ from our digital format? Conclude with a critique of your best image and brief reflection of the results from our class critique. (6 sentence minimum)

The tools available on any laptop or digital devise give us a huge advantage to surrealism art than using physical objects, such as paint, paper cutouts, etc. Anything you have saved on a computer will stay safe on that computer forever until deleted. This gives artists nowadays opportunity to be more productive, because you can whip out a laptop anywhere you are as long as its not raining. Can you imaging bringing a canvas board around with you all day? Carrying a cell phone in your pocket is much easier. There is also the internet, where you can pull information, images, and almost anything you can think of to help you at anytime you need. Digital art can be uploaded online to the whole world to see your art. This can help you gain media attention which can earn you money if people really like your art. Overall, technology is improving and expanding the art community. Connecting artists from all around the world. Surely a tool that artists in the 1920's would dream about.

The Image my classmates critiqued for me was the collage I made of the Kokee view with me drawing Bronze's car onto a piece of paper. Below are my results.

Here are my other 2 concepts:

This is my first surrealism concept: Go beyond the limits.

2) Insert 2 of your finished Surrealist images (not best) below 1st paragraph
3) Insert your BEST image & a photo bar of images it came from below 2nd paragraph
4) Embed your Vimeo screencast of narrated process & self-reflection before tags

ALD 1.1 Assess how mathematics is used to create and manipulate digital media.
ALD 1.2 Assess how changes in digital technology affects the creation and manipulation of media content.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Hiki No Video

First, describe your story topic and what you intend to communicate to your audience. What will they learn from watching it and what will make them care? From the critique of your rough cut, explain how you've improved the 5 point story flow, tone of voiceovers, sequencing of B-roll, editing techniques and the overall message. (6 sentence minimum)


Conclude with a reflection of your critique results. What single area could your team have improved most and how can you address this better in the future? (6 sentence minimum)

Last, add your VISUALS: 1) Embed your finished story from Vimeo at the top. 2) Insert a photo bar of 3 behind the scenes photos after your 1st paragraph. 3) Insert a screenshot of your script after your second paragraph. 4) Add an image of your critique results after your final paragraph.

ALD 3.1 Evaluate the relationship between digital technology and criminal activity for its affect on the digital marketplace.
ALD 3.2 Evaluate legal and ethical behavior related to the creation, use, and distribution of digital content that minimizes the risk of legal or moral consequence.

Invasive fish have been overpopulating the reefs of Hawaii. These invasive fish are eating all of the fish that the local fish used to feed on.  If invasive fish take over our reefs this will force our local fish to relocate where they can get the food they need. Many of these invasive fish carry diseases such as ciguatera, ciguatera is a disease that fish get from eating other fish with ciguatera. Ciguatera doesn't harm the fish but when a person eats a fish with ciguatera they can get very ill. The disease is incurable and makes you feel sick every time you eat fish, or drink alcohol. If everybody living in Hawaii needs awareness about this issue before it goes out of control. 

The DMCA Is a United States copyright law that implements two 1996 treaties of the World intelectual Property Organization. It criminalizes production technology, devices, or services intended to circumvent measures that control access to copyrighted works. It also criminalizes the act of circumventing an access control, whether or not there is actual infringement of copyright itself. In addition, the DMCA heightens the penalties for copyright infringement on the internet .

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Practice Story

For our interviewee I decided to volunteer. I had a story everyone enjoyed which was my surfing past. Also, how surfing affected me, and whether it was a good or bad impact. In my story I talked about the differences between kauai, and California, since I had moved from California to Kauai I went over some of my experiences. Talon helped with this project with filming editing and typing. Mason helped with the interview and editing. The teamwork my team used to get this project done helped the quality of the story and the time it took to make.

When making a blog story like this you need to always be aware to keep yourself safe. If you were selfie blogging and you walked across a street with ought looking you can get ran over. We made sure to keep our camera in one spot against a wall so no one could trip on it. With all the camera equipment we had on us we had to be looking out for theifs. The last thing we would want is to lose all of our equipment and our story we were working on. It is important to not joke around and to have a serious attitude so no accidents could happen.

ALD 6.1: Anticipate potential health and wellness concerns while operating computing devices in order to enhance workplace safety.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Interview Composition

The difference between a reporter shot and a host shot is in a reporter shot the subject is looking directly into the camera. In a host shot, the subject is not looking at the camera and is speaking to someone out of frame. When interviewing someone you should not have a bullseye shot. Your subject should not have shadows on their face. The last thing you want is the audience to get distracted. Many things can distract the audience from the subject you are trying to focus on, one can be busy backgrounds. If you don't compress and blur out the background the audience can take their attention away from your subject if something in the background is a big distraction. For example, Its like when you are watching the news and the news reporters are trying to debate about politics in public, If a meteor crashed behind them crushing a building no matter what the news reporters are trying to discuss the audience forgets about it to see what just happened behind them. The best way to avoid a distraction in your interview you need to make sure to have a smooth shot in the right looking  direction, compressed background, you can also add sound effects to give the audience more detail.

The most important part of shooting a successful interview shot is having a stable, smooth shot of the interviewee with clear audio. This will allow the audience to pay their full attention to the subject and what the subject has to say.

The lighting is harsh, and there is a pillar protruding out of his head.

Distracting background, needs to be compressed.

Composed the shot with the subject looking across the frame, and too much headroom.

ALD 5.1 Design a targeted digital media message or concept that addresses the needs of a client.
ALD 5.2 Plan and construct a digital media product from budgeted resources that addresses client needs.
ALD 5.3 Assess the collaborative process for its impact on the design, planning, and production of a digital media product.